Lab Creation Loose in Your Vitamin E

It’s a shame that journalists with no medical knowledge keep trying to scare you about vitamin E.
First they reported vitamin E caused lung cancer, and now it’s prostate cancer.
One patient of mine who had prostate cancer, John M., wrote me saying, “Help! I take 600 IU a day. I am in the middle of pouring through the information and am wondering… could it possibly be that the push for this vitamin has lead to prostate cancers? I am perplexed.”
Today I want to help you cut through this mess, and show you what’s really going on with vitamin E, and how you can benefit the most from it.

I’m Not Done Yet

I’ve been saying that cholesterol is not the bad guy, that it doesn’t cause heart disease, for 15 years.
But I’m not done yet.
The reason I can’t let go of this is because the problem has actually gotten much worse, not better.
Seventy-five percent of the patients who come to me with heart disease are already on a statin drug when I see them.
My first job is to try and talk them out of taking them… they’re usually scared and think they’re going to die if they stop taking it.
The big drug makers love to run slick TV ads trying to convince you that lowering your LDL will protect you from heart disease. Doctors often further misinterpret the science and lead patients to believe that they have to lower their cholesterol with drugs or die of heart disease.

Far from Nature

You know I believe that you should imitate our native ancestors and make a variety of protein the center of all your meals.
But it’s not ok to gobble down just any kind of protein. The type you eat is important, too. Or maybe I should say, the nature of the protein.
You see, protein is damaged by heat. You “denature” protein when you heat it for too long, or when you cook it in very high heat. The nature of the protein changes.
This is what happens when they process or “cure” meat. In fact, it’s how they sterilize medical supplies and instruments. They heat them to an extreme, which denatures proteins in any bacteria that may be there, destroying them.

Are You Taking the Right Vitamin E for Your Heart?

I see a lot of reports and read a lot of studies on vitamin E. You may have, too.
Like the study where researchers gave athletes only 200 mg of vitamin E for only 21 days and concluded that vitamin E has no cardiopulmonary benefit.
Or how about the group of researchers who looked at 11 high-dose vitamin E studies and concluded that the more vitamin E you take, the greater your risk of dying?
Another you may have heard of is the lung cancer study where researchers found multivitamins, vitamins C, E and folate don’t reduce lung cancer risk. But that vitamin E may increase your risk.
If you conclude from this that researchers are out to get vitamin E, I wouldn’t blame you…