How To Live Your Life In A "Blue Zone"

The wind made me sway a bit as I slung the little orange life jacket over my head and onto my shoulders. Without thinking I tightened the thin white nylon strap around my waist before I climbed in the boat. I don’t know why. Like this tiny thing was going to save me if this boat ever flipped over. It looked like it was made for a little kid. And the life jacket wasn’t very big, either.
But whatever. The waves weren’t very high anywhere across the cold, dark waters that had carved out “The Lake of the Gods,” as the locals called it.
The driver fired up the motor and the boat jumped forward. I thought my camera and I might get dumped in for an unexpected swim after all, just to prove me wrong, and despite the calm water.

Your "Countdown Clock" is Ticking

Your “countdown clock” is ticking…
When it ticks down to zero, your life comes to an end.
The good news is that it’s possible to add more time to your countdown clock and extend your life by years or even decades.
These “clocks” are strands of genetic material that sit on the end of each chromosome. Called telomeres, these strands get shorter as you age.
Here’s what you need to know: