How To Live Your Life In A "Blue Zone"

The wind made me sway a bit as I slung the little orange life jacket over my head and onto my shoulders. Without thinking I tightened the thin white nylon strap around my waist before I climbed in the boat. I don’t know why. Like this tiny thing was going to save me if this boat ever flipped over. It looked like it was made for a little kid. And the life jacket wasn’t very big, either.
But whatever. The waves weren’t very high anywhere across the cold, dark waters that had carved out “The Lake of the Gods,” as the locals called it.
The driver fired up the motor and the boat jumped forward. I thought my camera and I might get dumped in for an unexpected swim after all, just to prove me wrong, and despite the calm water.

Four Surprising Steps To Living Younger, Starting Today

“This passport won’t get you into Malaysia.”
“What does that mean? My passport’s not expired… is it?”
The ticketing agent wasn’t letting me on my flight, so I was hoping there was just a misunderstanding.
“No, it doesn’t expire until next month. But you can’t enter Malaysia unless your passport is good for three months after you arrive.”
I have to admit, I didn’t know that.
I turned to my assistant S.D. “How come no one said anything about this to us?”
“Well, I asked the organizers of the Anti-Aging conference. They connected me to an official who told me, ‘As long as your passport is good at the time, you’re OK. The worst that could happen is they’d send you home. There shouldn’t be any problem.’”
Turns out, the official S.D. spoke with was wrong.

Key to Keep Moving

Conventional medicine continues to deny the role of homocysteine. They still say there’s no proven value to lowering your levels if they’re elevated.
It’s surprising because we have so much evidence that high homocysteine levels are associated with higher rates of heart disease.
That’s something they’re resisting even though we know it’s true. But today I want to talk to you about something else… something new that almost no one talks about.
High homocysteine levels could mean the loss of your independence as you age.
The irony is that monitoring homocysteine and keeping it in check is easy to do.
I think of high homocysteine levels as an overwhelming of your antioxidant system.
Normally, antioxidants remove homocysteine. But you can become depleted of antioxidants, either because you’re using them up too fast or you’re not getting enough of them through what you eat.
Then homocysteine builds up, and gets released into your blood. And this is where the trouble can start.
Too much can damage the delicate lining of your blood vessels. And that can lead to heart disease.

How I Get My Vitamin B12

I kept seeing the same story over and over. Almost 70 articles on the same study… and each article with nearly the same headline: “Vitamin B12 Can Prevent Alzheimer’s.”
Don’t get me wrong… it’s true, and it’s a great thing. But it’s not really news. We’ve known the benefits of B12 for years. To me, the real importance of the study is that it deals one more body blow to modern diet recommendations, which tell us that protein and fat are the enemies of good health.

B Vitamins to the Rescue

With a simple test I can tell you if you’re likely to have a heart attack or stroke.
I can also give you a remedy to help make sure you never do – no matter how high your risk is…
The test checks for levels of homocysteine. It’s your number one indicator of heart disease.
The big drug makers play down the importance of this critical factor. They haven’t figured out a way to make any money from it, so they try to convince you that it doesn’t matter.
Turns out knowing your homocysteine level is even more useful than we thought. Homocysteine can foretell a host of other diseases as well…

Want to Add Years to Your Life?

Have you seen RealAge, the online health quiz sensation? You may have heard about it from Dr. Oz on Oprah.
Here’s how it works…
You answer 150 questions about your personal life. Everything from health problems and medications to personal beliefs and sexual details. It gives you an idea of what you need to do to stay young, but his survey is flawed and it can take hours.