Are They Joking?

I’m having a hard time believing it isn’t some kind of late April Fool’s joke.
I just read an article in The Journal of Family Practice, a conventional doctor magazine.
The author seems amazed, telling readers that, hey, we’ve got something very unusual here. There’s a guy who came in who had numbness and pain, and we didn’t know why. He didn’t have diabetes or any other condition known to cause it. It took 13 years to figure it out and it turned out to be this rare side effect of – can you believe it – a statin drug!
Are they kidding?

New Warning Ordered for Lipitor

If you buy Lipitor, you may see a new warning label.
Here’s a proven fact: Cholesterol-lowering drugs – also known as statins – slash your levels of CoQ10. In fact, studies found that statin drugs lower CoQ10 levels by as much as 40 percent…