Dr. Bill is Aging in Reverse

Getting older is inevitable. But you can do something about the way you age. And some people just seem to defy age.
Like my friend and colleague, Dr. Bill. He’s in his mid 50s but has the life and enthusiasm of a 20-something kid. He looks half his age, too.
Check out what he said:

Your "Countdown Clock" is Ticking

Your “countdown clock” is ticking…
When it ticks down to zero, your life comes to an end.
The good news is that it’s possible to add more time to your countdown clock and extend your life by years or even decades.
These “clocks” are strands of genetic material that sit on the end of each chromosome. Called telomeres, these strands get shorter as you age.
Here’s what you need to know:

Is PACE Becoming Classified Information?

Did you ever hear about the time I went to an Air Force Base?
I can’t tell you which one. The Air Force Colonel I met with, let’s call him “KL,” asked me not to make this public.
You see, KL had called me one day and said he was a fan of PACE. He had read my book, does PACE himself, and uses it to train Air Force staff, especially those returning to active duty.
KL had also set up PACE classes for women who have just had babies and the wives of servicemen on the base.
Why is the Air Force interested in PACE?

Getting Lean is as Easy as Pushing Play

I’m stunned. I just went online and discovered other companies using my PACE articles – even excerpts from my book – to sell their own exercise programs. There are at least a dozen Google ads and YouTube videos on PACE, all of which have nothing to do with me or the real PACE program.