I Put My Heart Into This

The other day I promised you some of what I’m going to be presenting at the World Conference on Anti-Aging in Malaysia.
During my presentation, I’ll be discussing how my P.A.C.E. program is the world’s first real anti-aging fitness program and showing slides and charts of the things we’ve found in testing P.A.C.E. here at my clinic. Because with P.A.C.E., you can improve many of the biomarkers that get worse with age.
The P.A.C.E. Study Group proved it. And I’ll be doing more studies like it as soon as I open my new Sears Center and make it the home of P.A.C.E.

My Dream Come True

“This will be the fitness studio and testing lab for P.A.C.E. ……”
My voice echoed in the large space. “This floor alone is over 8,000 square feet.”
“You can sprint in here!” My P.A.C.E. product manager S.S. was fired up about the new gym.
“It will be most of the back side of the building,” I said. “So we’ll have the wellness practice, spa services and gym on the first floor, and all of the business offices up on the second floor.”
I’ve wanted this since I was a little boy. I’m finally going to have the center I dreamed of.

Now I'm Ready To Go Global

If you want your sexiest, most attractive body, you can either starve yourself and beat yourself up doing an “extreme” fitness program…
… or you can use my new fitness video coming out this month.
Did you know that extreme workouts like “P90X” and “Insanity” claim to be new and different, but they’re really just more aerobics? They claim to get you in shape, but they only wear you out and injure you.
Do exercises with names like “hit the floor,” “attack jabs” and “mummy kicks” sound like they’ll make you stronger? Would you even want to do “suicide drills”? Sounds more like torture to me. It sounds insane. Since when is it ever a good idea to go insane?

The Best There's Ever Been

I’ve been working on a major project for quite some time. It’s taken two years and it’s been a very grueling – but educational – process.
I decided that I wanted to make the best fitness product ever. And I wanted to make a DVD that would incorporate all of the principles of PACE that I’ve been working on for the past 10 years all at once.
And it’s finally done. It’s complete and it’s the culmination of a lifetime of effort. It’s the best I’ve ever done and I hope you like it…