It Gave Me A Boost Up To Machu Picchu

Before we even got started for the day, our guide started to make some tea.
After I had finished packing and checking my equipment, he called me over.
“Have some. This will help you the higher we go.”
“Is this a root of some kind?” Maca root, which is also from Peru, can help you with altitude. But I hadn’t seen what he put in the tea.
“The leaves of the Ilex tree.”
Our guide had a degree in forestry and knew every plant and tree in the jungle and on the mountain. I think he was having a little fun with me, because when I brought the cup up to my nose, I knew what it was right away.

It Takes Me Someplace Else…

Peppermint is a real medical curiosity to me. It’s wonderfully effective and it’s almost immediately effective.
I don’t completely understand it. How can you take an herb, and it has its effect in one to five seconds? It means there’s something else going on other than the normal explanations of chemistry and physiology.
Part of it might be the aromatherapy effect, because it’s very aromatic. You can crush the leaf in your fingers and inhale it, and feel better in an instant.
Break it up and breathe it in and you get that “aaaahhhhhhhhhh” feeling. Like you just came back from taking a shower, or a walk on a spring day. It takes you someplace else…