Got Real Milk?

Yesterday there was a report in The Wall Street Journal that once again attacked unpasteurized milk.
The FDA has been scaring Americans about this natural food product for decades.
I come from a family of farmers, and milk was a staple of my diet growing up.
We’d have it delivered to the house in glass bottles and go through a gallon a week per person. When I’d go to my grandma’s, she’d pour me a glass straight from the bucket… straight from the cow.
Back then, we never worried about whether milk was raw or pasteurized, and we were healthy, strong, and never sick a day…

Nature's Cure for Indigestion

You sit down to a fine meal. A couple hours later you develop heartburn, and you reach for an antacid. One doesn’t work. So you take another. You’re bloated, gassy, and miserable. Nothing helps, so you try to go to sleep. Then at 3 a.m., you wake up with the worst burning pain you can imagine.
Clearly, antacids are not the answer.
Here’s some good news… sometimes heartburn and other digestive problems are solved by digestive enzymes.