He Smiles with His Liver

“Keep reading, Sandy.”
My assistant looked back down at the glossy brochure covered with photos of tropical paradise.
“…But the city of Yuba is a far cry from the bikini beaches of Kuta in the south.”
“So maybe you should stay in Yuba.”
“Are you crazy?” I laughed. “What’s the matter with a bikini beach?”
I was looking for a place to start my trip to Bali because I knew I was going to the remote town of Ubud. I had made three important connections who all lived there.

I Like to Get My Hands Dirty

Last month I was in Africa, and I ate every fresh, native fruit straight from the vendors in the market.
My buddies were very selective about what they would eat. They washed everything. They used hand sanitizers and begged me to use them, too. And they wouldn’t touch the street-side food.
I ate everything I could find. And I’m the only one who didn’t get sick.
That’s because I travel a lot. I challenge myself, and my immune system is used to it.
But here’s the real point…

Got Real Milk?

Yesterday there was a report in The Wall Street Journal that once again attacked unpasteurized milk.
The FDA has been scaring Americans about this natural food product for decades.
I come from a family of farmers, and milk was a staple of my diet growing up.
We’d have it delivered to the house in glass bottles and go through a gallon a week per person. When I’d go to my grandma’s, she’d pour me a glass straight from the bucket… straight from the cow.
Back then, we never worried about whether milk was raw or pasteurized, and we were healthy, strong, and never sick a day…