Why I Don't Use Hand Sanitizers

I went out to my favorite Thai restaurant with my friend Lisa B. the other day. Instead of washing her hands, she rubbed hand sanitizer on while we were waiting for our food. Then she handed it to me. But I told her I wasn’t touching the stuff.
The truth is, hand sanitizers don’t do what they’re intended to do…

Heal Your Wounds the Sweet Way

Everybody loves sugar. And here’s another reason to keep it in your cupboard.
Sugar can heal your cuts, scrapes, burns, and even large wounds without leaving a scar. It kills germs and repairs tissue better than any antiseptic or disinfectant on the market.1
Sugar may just be the first antiseptic in history. People have written about its miraculous properties for over 4,000 years, since early Egyptian times. But it fell out of favor once antibiotics became available…