Why I Don't Use Hand Sanitizers

I went out to my favorite Thai restaurant with my friend Lisa B. the other day. Instead of washing her hands, she rubbed hand sanitizer on while we were waiting for our food. Then she handed it to me. But I told her I wasn’t touching the stuff.
The truth is, hand sanitizers don’t do what they’re intended to do…

I Like to Get My Hands Dirty

Last month I was in Africa, and I ate every fresh, native fruit straight from the vendors in the market.
My buddies were very selective about what they would eat. They washed everything. They used hand sanitizers and begged me to use them, too. And they wouldn’t touch the street-side food.
I ate everything I could find. And I’m the only one who didn’t get sick.
That’s because I travel a lot. I challenge myself, and my immune system is used to it.
But here’s the real point…