Worse Than Black Friday

I guess I’m supposed to get excited about all the holiday shopping going on and the deals you can get on days like Black Friday. But to me it just means it takes longer to get the same things done. The lines, the crowds… and the discounts don’t thrill me. I’d rather be somewhere else.
So I really don’t think of Black Friday as a good thing. I think it’s named appropriately.
But if you do go shopping, there’s something you should know about your health.
I’m talking about the little slip of paper you tuck into your pocket or purse every time you buy anything. From gas to all those Christmas presents you’re getting for all your friends and family this week.

Native Herb Holds Magical Healing Properties

My guide hacked a narrow path for me through the underbrush. It was the second day of our journey, deep into the jungles of the Amazon.
I was on my way to speak to a curandero, a native healer, about a plant the locals believe has magical healing properties. They use this herb in many rituals.
When we finally arrived at the small village, the curandero prepared a bath infused with the herb. It smelled a little like garlic, and he said it would protect me from witchcraft…

I Like to Get My Hands Dirty

Last month I was in Africa, and I ate every fresh, native fruit straight from the vendors in the market.
My buddies were very selective about what they would eat. They washed everything. They used hand sanitizers and begged me to use them, too. And they wouldn’t touch the street-side food.
I ate everything I could find. And I’m the only one who didn’t get sick.
That’s because I travel a lot. I challenge myself, and my immune system is used to it.
But here’s the real point…

Ward Off More Than Vampires

You can’t turn on a TV or pick up a magazine or newspaper these days without seeing the latest, scary statistics about this season’s flu epidemic.
But what can you do about it?
Well, first, you can try to prevent getting sick in the first place. You can take advantage of something you probably already have in your own kitchen … garlic.