“Dr. Sears, We Got The Results!”

She burst into my office today with a stack of papers and folders.
I was on the phone, but I could see my friend A.N. just couldn’t wait to talk to me.
So I put the person on hold, and it all started pouring out of her.
“Dr. Sears, Dr. Sears, we got the results!”

Eggs For Your Health

Contrary to what we read all the time, cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease. Instead, cholesterol is the thing that heart disease acts upon. So the trick here is to keep your cholesterol healthy – not try to eliminate it as if it were the enemy. It’s an important and natural part of your body. This difference is important – case in point…
Have you heard that a compound in eggs called phosphatidylcholine helps to keep cholesterol soluble in your blood and keeps you from absorbing too much?1 So, eggs are playing that role of keeping your cholesterol healthy…

Drop Weight by Eating This at Breakfast

You can drop weight and reduce fat without ever counting a calorie or stepping on a treadmill.
It all depends on what you eat first thing in the morning. You can program your metabolism for the rest of the day.1
When you eat a high-fat breakfast, it turns on your fat-burning metabolism. You’ll drop fat off your body and use up the calories you eat for the rest of the day.

Your Grandparents Had the Right Idea

I am writing to you this morning from my study at home. I like to write here in the early morning because I can see the sunrise through my study window.
On my desk there’s a container with some leftover salmon and spinach salad from last night. I pulled it from the fridge for breakfast.
High protein breakfasts are your best bet to get yourself going in the morning. But nowadays, they’re rare…