The Surest Way To Live Better, Longer

Perhaps the oldest anti-aging technique on record is eating less. Wise men have known this for centuries. The thing that has changed is that now modern science has tested this approach, measured its effect and even found out how it works.
When you eat less, you get a number of benefits:

  • Body temperature drops
  • Blood pressure lowers
  • Cholesterol levels drop
  • Cells divide at a slower rate
  • The rate of glycation drops
  • Free radical activity drops
  • Inflammation lessens

Essentially what is happening is a form of hibernation. You are “living less,” thus adding years to your lifespan. The less food you eat, the less your metabolic system has to work.

Smile More, Just Like JD

We were taking a break during filming for my new POWERFit program and JD started to tell me his story…
“I was on the Canadian National Water Ski team for five years. After that, I kept eating but not working out.
“I gained more than 30 pounds. I went from 155 pounds to 187. I would maybe try some workout for two weeks, then stop, then start again. Traditional stuff, weightlifting, cardio… nothing was working.
“I even tried CrossFit. It’s one of those insane workout programs. I couldn’t get through any of the exercises.

Terri Brightens Up The Whole Office

My patient Terri L. is bubbling with energy.
When she comes into the office now she has a big smile on her face, she greets my whole staff and has so much to say. She’s shed 80 pounds so far, and she was in the office just yesterday telling my staff happily, “… and everything that’s left is all muscle!”
Terri seems completely unrelated to the person I met when she first came to me as a patient. She was lethargic, walked slow and talked slow. She had her head down all the time, spoke in a monotone and had hardly any animation.
Now she’s very energetic, and everyone notices the difference.

Ready for Your Beach Body?

With summer here, everyone wants that beach body. And they want it in record time.
That’s why everyone is asking for the “fat burner.”
“Who was that guy that lost 28 pounds in 10 weeks?”
“I heard about the lady who says she gets noticed everywhere she goes…”
That’s what I hear in the office.
Here’s the deal: I do have a slimming formula. And the stories you’ve been hearing are true.

What I Found in My Travels…

I just got back from climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. Traveling around the world always reminds me of the important healing traditions found in other cultures.
For example, I’ve come across natural nutrients that speed up fat-burning and decrease your appetite… even when you don’t change your routine.
These are important discoveries. Because no matter how much I talk to patients about diet and exercise, they still want a “magic pill.”…

Ignite Your Fat Blowtorch in 2010

The women in my office tell me their New Year’s resolutions are easy this year… In fact, they’re already making good on their promise to burn fat and drop the extra pounds.
Of course, they have an advantage.
The women in my office have a reliable supply of Primal Lean.
If you don’t know about it yet, Primal Lean is my new fat burner. It’s a combination of two breakthrough ingredients, irvingia and fucoxanthin. Together, they safely suppress your appetite and rebalance your body’s “fat signals.” That means your body makes less fat. And the fat your body does have gets burned for energy, instead of being stored…

Exercising But Not Losing Weight?

A cover story in TIME magazine tells you exercise won’t help you lose weight.
In the article, a professor from Louisiana State University says, “… for weight loss, exercise is pretty useless.”1
If you’re a regular reader you may already recognize the ignorance of this professor’s statement.
What is he missing?

Fat Burner and Heart Protection in One

This is the first chance I’ve had to tell you about the other dimension of Irvingia gabonensis, one of the key ingredients in Primal Lean: a stronger heart and better blood sugar.
This potent herb isn’t simply an incredible weight-loss supplement. It’s more than just a tonic you take for increased energy. It has very specific talents. It ramps up your body’s ability to burn fat and has a calming, normalizing effect on your cholesterol and blood sugar…

Get the 6-Minute 'Bathing Suit Body'

Summer’s here. That means it’s time to roll out your “beach-ready” body for maximum outdoor fun.
If you’re not feeling quite there yet, don’t sweat it. My good friend and PACE® trainer Coach Yari just showed me and my staff a turbo-charged 6-minute workout. It’s awesome. This routine will get your body burning fat like a blowtorch.