The Body You Were Meant To Have

I’m amazed when I watch pro athletes at the top of their games. They have incredible speed and power. And if you’re a reader you know I’m a tennis fan. I play tennis every morning. So I loved watching the Australian Open tennis tournament that just ended.
It’s pretty impressive to watch how strong and fast these men and women are. They hit the ball so hard, and can twist their bodies and do incredible things with a tennis racquet in their hands.
Their bodies seem to be built for it, don’t they?
But what if I told you that you can have that same kind of lean, muscular body?
In fact, you were designed for it.
Let me explain…

Exercising But Not Losing Weight?

A cover story in TIME magazine tells you exercise won’t help you lose weight.
In the article, a professor from Louisiana State University says, “… for weight loss, exercise is pretty useless.”1
If you’re a regular reader you may already recognize the ignorance of this professor’s statement.
What is he missing?