Smile More, Just Like JD

We were taking a break during filming for my new POWERFit program and JD started to tell me his story…
“I was on the Canadian National Water Ski team for five years. After that, I kept eating but not working out.
“I gained more than 30 pounds. I went from 155 pounds to 187. I would maybe try some workout for two weeks, then stop, then start again. Traditional stuff, weightlifting, cardio… nothing was working.
“I even tried CrossFit. It’s one of those insane workout programs. I couldn’t get through any of the exercises.

The Fat You Can't Pinch

There is a kind of fat that you don’t see. It’s toxic and it’s deadly.
Visceral fat is internal fat. It wraps around organs like your heart, liver, and kidneys. It fills up all the space in your abdominal cavity, so there’s no room left for your organs, nerves, and vessels to function properly.
It’s far more dangerous to your health than subcutaneous fat, which lies right beneath your skin. Subcutaneous fat is what you poke at and pinch. Like the “spare tire” you get around your middle…

Exercising But Not Losing Weight?

A cover story in TIME magazine tells you exercise won’t help you lose weight.
In the article, a professor from Louisiana State University says, “… for weight loss, exercise is pretty useless.”1
If you’re a regular reader you may already recognize the ignorance of this professor’s statement.
What is he missing?