How to Avoid the Salmonella Scare

Dear Health Conscious Reader,

Want to know what I had for breakfast this morning?

A delicious fruit smoothie with eggs. Raw eggs.

All this hype about the national egg recall is scaring a lot of people… but not me.


Because eggs aren’t the problem.

You don’t have to stop eating eggs to avoid getting salmonella poisoning. You just need to choose your eggs wisely.

I know exactly where my eggs come from. I get them delivered to my office from a local farmer I trust. In fact, I’ve been to her farm and have seen firsthand the living conditions of the laying chickens.

But, when you buy eggs at your local supermarket, you don’t know where they come from. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tells you everything is safe, but it’s not always right.

From mad cow disease in your beef to E. coli in your spinach and meat, the government has failed to keep your food supply safe. And now they’re not protecting your eggs.

Salmonella is a fecal contaminate. So if they’re feeding chickens contaminated food, it can get into their bloodstream and into their ovaries where it’s passed on to the eggs on your grocery store shelves.

The best way to avoid getting contaminated eggs is to know where they come from.

I suggest you buy eggs directly through a local farmer so you can actually go to the farm and see where your eggs come from.

The laying chickens should be in a cage-free environment with ample room to stretch their wings and walk around. And they should be eating grass and a high-protein chicken feed with no added hormones.

You can find an organic egg supplier in your area here.

If you can’t find an egg supplier, you can buy organic, cage-free eggs at your local natural health store or Whole Foods.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD