More Fake Food – Don’t Fall for the Flaxseed Lie

You’ve probably heard of flaxseed as a “superfood” … a cure-all for everything from cancer to high cholesterol. Flaxseeds are put in everything from cereal and margarine to egg-replacement products today.
Yet flaxseed is not a time-tested food product. It’s not something we evolved with, so there’s no way of telling how eating it will affect humans in the long run.

Eggs For Your Health

Contrary to what we read all the time, cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease. Instead, cholesterol is the thing that heart disease acts upon. So the trick here is to keep your cholesterol healthy – not try to eliminate it as if it were the enemy. It’s an important and natural part of your body. This difference is important – case in point…
Have you heard that a compound in eggs called phosphatidylcholine helps to keep cholesterol soluble in your blood and keeps you from absorbing too much?1 So, eggs are playing that role of keeping your cholesterol healthy…

B Vitamins Better Than Drugs…

Today I want to talk to you about B vitamins. They are your best protection against heart attack and stroke and more powerful than any drug.
B vitamins are controversial, but they shouldn’t be… a lot of what you hear about them comes from misleading reports sponsored by drug companies.
Big Pharma is working on drug versions of B vitamins, especially B6. They’re hoping you’ll “trust” their drug version over the kind you get from a multi-vitamin.
But really, why would you pay hundreds of dollars for a prescription form of B6 when you can get it at your local vitamin store for pennies?
B vitamins are water soluble, which means you’ll find them in the meat of animal protein, instead of the fatty part. Some B vitamins are found in fruits and vegetables, but your best source is red meat. And for B12, red meat is your ONLY source.
About 25 years ago, I developed a phrase to help my fellow medical students remember the names for all the B vitamins. I still use this to teach nutrition today:

What You Need First After Exercising

Do you dread those everyday aches and pains so much that it keeps you from exercising in the first place?
You don’t have to let those aches and pains stop you anymore.
It’s possible to eliminate muscle aches and stiffness immediately after working out. And you can help rebuild your muscles at the same time.
What you have to do is immediately put back things you use up during exercise. This means carbohydrates and proteins…

Taking Vitamins and Still Feeling Sick?

Ever go to a restaurant where they refuse to cook your steak medium rare?
The warning that your meat is not safe unless you cook it until it’s dry and brown is bad advice. It’s not justified by the facts and cooking your food that way can cause arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.
This indiscriminate overcooking of food is a bad idea. It denatures protein, breaks down vitamins and removes nutrients. Now I’ve uncovered an even more serious concern. Many cooking techniques that achieve a high temperature trigger a chemical change called glycation that mimics aging. New studies have linked eating these foods to premature aging and a host of chronic diseases.

Your Grandparents Had the Right Idea

I am writing to you this morning from my study at home. I like to write here in the early morning because I can see the sunrise through my study window.
On my desk there’s a container with some leftover salmon and spinach salad from last night. I pulled it from the fridge for breakfast.
High protein breakfasts are your best bet to get yourself going in the morning. But nowadays, they’re rare…