Six Steps to a Pure and Clean Body

We’ve had millions of years of pure, clean food and water. Changes were made in the last 100 years that are threatening to take that from us. We don’t evolve fast enough for how much our environment is changing. We weren’t designed to live in our current world of man-made chemicals, toxins and pollutants.
For instance, there was a study done that looked at the blood of babies born in American hospitals. They looked for 415 chemicals and found traces of 287 of them in the babies’ blood.1

Did You Forget Your Shower?

Did you know that water utilities have found 315 pollutants in tap water?1 Most of my patients are already drinking filtered or bottled water. But most haven’t thought about what happens when they shower.
For many of these pollutants, there are no federal guidelines. For example, in Philadelphia, officials found 56 drugs and chemicals in treated water. It included pain meds, statins, antibiotics, and medications for mental illness and heart problems.2
There is no reliable system in place to remove these pollutants…

Why Are Guys Getting Boob Jobs?

Now here’s a disturbing trend. Men are now getting “breast reduction” surgery like never before. The number of surgeries has risen 2,540% in 5 years.1
Even worse, doctors often recommend surgery when it isn’t necessary.
Men usually don’t need breast reduction… they need estrogen reduction.
Here’s the reason:
The female hormone estrogen is behind the rise in man boobs…

Teflon vs. My Grandmother

I love to get in the kitchen on a Sunday morning. My favorite breakfast is three eggs cooked in butter with a side of grass-fed steak. Plenty of protein and omega-3s. My family wakes up to the delicious smell, and you can’t beat the taste. We love steak and eggs.
But recently, I went back to the good old-fashioned cast-iron pots and pans my grandmother used to use. I threw out all my Teflon. As convenient as they are, I won’t use them.
The chemical that manufacturers use to prevent food from sticking is called perfluorooctanoate acid (PFOA). This substance is highly toxic to the environment and to the human body…