Will We Still Have Babies?

I was just reading the journal Human Reproduction. A Danish study found that if a woman who’s pregnant with a son takes just one 500 mg acetaminophen pill during her second trimester he’s twice as likely to have fertility problems.
It gets worse. If she takes more than one type of painkiller, the risk goes up 1,600 percent.1
The reason is that painkillers, considered “mild” and “safe” by most doctors, suppress testosterone. And not just a little. They drive it down more than the 10 most “gender-bending” chemicals called estrogen mimics that women are exposed to normally – like BPA and plastic-hardening phthalates – combined.

Why Are Guys Getting Boob Jobs?

Now here’s a disturbing trend. Men are now getting “breast reduction” surgery like never before. The number of surgeries has risen 2,540% in 5 years.1
Even worse, doctors often recommend surgery when it isn’t necessary.
Men usually don’t need breast reduction… they need estrogen reduction.
Here’s the reason:
The female hormone estrogen is behind the rise in man boobs…