Mysterious Magic Milk

The members of the All Russian Physician’s Society were frantic. They needed the mysterious source of this magic milk called “kefir” that seemed to cure so many health problems.
But how to get it?
Desperate, they turned to the Blandov brothers. The Blandovs owned the Moscow Dairy, but also a cheese factory in the Caucasus Mountains, where kefir originated.
Please, the doctors asked, find a way to get us the source – these “kefir grains” – so we can make a steady supply of kefir for our patients.
Nikolai Blandov agreed. The Moscow Dairy would get a monopoly on producing the miracle milk. So he sent a beautiful young employee named Irina Sakharova to seduce a local prince of the Caucasus near their factory in Kislovodsk.

You're Better Off Eating a Cardboard Box

The other day G.S. came to my office for a visit.
I won’t get into his personal medical issue, but the subject of fiber came up.
He said, “Dr. Sears, I’m getting all the fiber I need. Every morning I have my whole wheat toast or a big bowl of Frosted Mini-Wheats.”
I’m telling you this because it’s kind of typical. My patients believe they’re getting the right kind of fiber from whole grains.
The truth is all fiber is not created equal. You could call a cardboard box “fiber,” because it’s cellulose and your body wouldn’t digest it.
But it’s not the type of fiber nature intended for you to have in your body…