Why This Bottled “Health Food” Isn’t

You hear it all the time, and everybody seems to be in 100% agreement. I’ve never met a doctor who didn’t tell me that it’s great for you. It’s like a default position that you should be drinking more fresh-squeezed fruit juices.
But wait a minute… let’s take a step back and look at juice. Is it really as healthy and natural as people say?
The juice producers love to tell you how “healthy” their juice is. How it’s like a multivitamin, and you should have some every morning. The cartons scream at you that it’s “100 percent natural” and has “no added sugar” or “no preservatives.”
And what’s not to believe? Seems simple… you pick the fruit, squeeze the fruit, and put the juice in a container, with pulp or without. Delicious and freshly squeezed… right?
Not really.