Claudia Has a New Life

Claudia from Colorado has been feeling much better. She tells me she’s in the best mood of her life, her food cravings are gone and she’s dropping weight.
In just a couple of months, Claudia feels so good she’s telling her friends about it.
“I’ve convinced a dozen friends this works. One friend called me after five days to tell me she had no signs of PMS for the first time in two years!”
Great stuff.
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"I Get Noticed Everywhere I Go"

Deep in the jungles of West Africa, there are places where obesity is completely unknown.
The natives don’t get fat.
A professor doing population studies discovered this curious fact. After watching this group and comparing them to others, he found something unique about their diet:
The locals use a paste derived from the seed of a “bush mango” to thicken their soups.
This professor, an expert in nutritional biochemistry at the university in nearby Cameroon, created an extract of this seed and ran his own tests.
After 10 weeks, the people taking this extract dropped an average of 28 pounds and shed 6 inches around their waist…