Four Things Women Need

Most of the “advice” I see on Dr. Oz and Oprah, in Women’s Health and in the New York Times Magazine on Sunday seem to center on the same things.
These reports I’ve been seeing lately give women advice like suggesting you eat fake, processed “health” foods like flaxseed. But they’re unnatural to your body. People used to wear flax, not eat it.
And animal studies have found that overdose of flaxseed may cause shortness of breath, rapid breathing, weakness or difficulty walking, and may cause seizures or paralysis.1
Too many articles I’ve read also recommend you load up on more calcium that you could ever want or use. Meanwhile, studies show too much calcium puts you at a 31 percent greater risk for heart attack.2
And did you see the report on women’s heart health from the director of the Cardiovascular Nutrition Laboratory at Tufts University? It’s one of the most prestigious research universities in the country. And here she is, concluding that women should eat whole grains instead of vegetables.
Today I’m going to show you some real ways to stay healthy. Forget junk foods like soy, flax and whole grains. Here are four things you can use to avoid disease and help you stay happy and strong for life…