"Dr. Sears, Are You OK?"

Dear Health Conscious Reader,

I looked up and saw my office manager staring down at me…

“Dr. Sears, you fell asleep,” Sandy said as she tapped my shoulder.

“That’s strange. I don’t remember feeling sleepy. All I did was take my B12 spray for a little energy boost…”

She glanced at the bottles on my desk and laughed, “That’s not B12. That’s a sample of your new sleep remedy!”

And sure enough, she was right. The B12 and sleep remedy were next to each other in identical sample bottles. I accidentally grabbed the wrong one! But this ended up being a happy accident because…

I Discovered My New Sleep Remedy Works – And It Works Fast!

When I realized my new sleep remedy worked so well, I got excited thinking about all of my patients who can finally sleep better. Patients like Al, a 59-year old executive who travels so much, his body’s confused from all of the time-zone changes.

Then there’s Pamela, a single mom and working woman. She’s so stressed about paying the bills and having enough time for her son, she often lies awake at night. As she puts it, “I can’t seem to shut off my brain!”

And Carol, a sweet woman in her early 70s who always comes to her appointments showing the latest pictures of her grandchildren. She seems relaxed and loves retired life, but she can’t sleep more than five hours a night.

Chances are you know what it’s like to wake up groggy in the morning, wishing you slept more. The simple truth is, missing a good night’s sleep is not good for your overall health and vitality.

You may have heard that while you sleep, your body restores the mental and physical energy you used up during the day. During sleep, your body rebuilds and replenishes critical factors like muscle tissues and hormones.

But if you don’t get enough sleep, you’re running down your body. If you rely on coffee or energy drinks to make it through the day, you’re running down your body further.

I often hear my patients say, “But Dr. Sears, I function just fine on six hours of sleep. I’ve been doing it for years. My body’s used to it.”

But a poor night’s sleep can affect your metabolism.

That’s because when you don’t get enough sleep, your body automatically produces more of the hunger hormone ghrelin. This makes you feel hungrier so you eat more per meal, and snack more often. The higher ghrelin levels also slow fat metabolism, forcing your body to store the excess weight and body fat around your waist, hips and thighs.1

And getting enough sleep is essential to cardiovascular health. That’s why it’s so important you get enough sleep – I’m talking about deep sleep for eight hours a night.

These days, life’s so busy and stressful it’s tough to wind down. It’s easy to lie awake some nights worrying about your finances, family or job.

You may have even tried some natural sleep remedies to help, including the hormone melatonin.

But the reason melatonin may not have worked for you before is that it has a very narrow window in which to function. That’s because if you take a melatonin pill, it can take over an hour to work.

Meanwhile, you’re trying to fall asleep and you’ve already got other hormones at work. You’re worrying and your adrenaline is flowing. You’re stressed and you have cortisol at work. And you’re feeling lousy and irritable because you’ve just wasted an hour lying in bed.

But my research team has figured out a solution. We’ve found a way to give you melatonin in a very rapid delivery system. Unlike other melatonin supplements, Native Rest isn’t a pill. It’s a spray…

By using a liquid spray, you do not have to wait for a pill to dissolve. That way it works even faster through your digestive system. This sends melatonin straight into your body where it quickly sets off the chain of chemical reactions that relax your body and make you sleepy.

All it takes is three quick sprays right before you settle into bed. It’s that easy.

Native Rest even tastes pleasant. So it’s convenient for anyone who’d rather not choke down pills.

I’ve tested Native Rest several times on myself. Each time I fell asleep quickly. And my patients who’ve tried it tell me they like how Native Rest relaxes them quickly, so they easily drift off to sleep.

Over and over again, I hear how patients look forward to bed now because, “It’s not a stressful ordeal anymore,”…“I sleep through the night,”…“I wake up feeling energetic again.”

Delivering melatonin in a spray makes Native Rest pretty potent. But I didn’t stop there. I packed Native Rest with other ingredients to support a restful night’s sleep.

Dissolve Stress and Tension

At least twice a year, I leave the clinic to travel the world, looking for medicinal herbs and plants that may help my patients.

During one such trip, I pushed through a sparsely inhabited area high in the John Crow Mountains of eastern Jamaica. While there, I followed a group of fishermen going out for their morning catch. What I saw surprised me.

They just paddled their boats out, crumbled up some dried leaves and bark, and then threw it into the water. A few minutes later, fish began floating to the surface – alive but seemingly “relaxed.” Then the fishermen scooped up the fish and returned to shore.

My guide explained the leaves and bark were from a tree that grows wild all over the island. The bark’s medicinal qualities stun the fish momentarily, causing them to float.

You may have heard of this tree – it’s Jamaican Dogwood. For humans, the tree’s medicinal qualities are very safe and often used as a natural relaxant.

In fact, locals throughout the West Indies still rely on Jamaican Dogwood to help with stress, tension and occasional sleeplessness

Native Rest contains 10 mg of Jamaican Dogwood leaf. Just enough to help you relax your mind and body, no matter how stressful your busy day’s been.

Native Rest also includes an ingredient from the other side of the world.

Ancient Cure from China

For centuries, the Chinese used dried jujube fruit to flavor soups and aid digestion. The Chinese traditional medicine doctors recognized the fruit’s relaxing qualities and used jujube as a remedy for tension, nightmares, occasional night sweats and sleeplessness.

Modern science shows jujube fruit works by affecting your hippocampus. The hippocampus is located in the middle of your brain. It plays a major role in recalling memories and your emotions.

Jujube fruit acts to relax your hippocampus which helps your mind relax and calms your emotions. It works especially well for people who lay awake thinking or worrying … for those who can’t seem to “shut off” their minds.

Centuries of successful use and modern studies show jujube fruit is a reliable remedy for sleeplessness. That’s why I added it to my Native Rest formula.

With the combination of jujube fruit and Jamaican Dogwood, Native Rest helps you relax enough for the melatonin to do its job. But relaxation is just part of a good night’s sleep.

I also wanted my formula to boost your body’s own melatonin production, so you continue sleeping better over time. That’s why I also included an important mineral.

The Sleep Regulator

Trace minerals are nutrients your body needs – but only in very tiny amounts. Selenium is a trace mineral that acts like an antioxidant. It protects your cells from free-radical damage and supports your immune system. It also helps regulate your thyroid.

That’s key because in addition to other functions, your thyroid affects how well you sleep.

If your thyroid is too active or sluggish, you’ll sleep less or have a hard time getting to sleep. You may lie awake with your mind racing, wake up several times throughout the night, or wake up in the middle of the night, unable to fall back asleep.

If you are having sleep concerns, you may be low in selenium. That’s why my Native Rest formula includes 30 mcg of selenium.

But that’s not all.

Native Rest also includes one more critical nutrient for a solid night’s sleep.

Increase Your Melatonin Reserves

You may know about zinc for supporting your immune system. But zinc is also an important player in producing melatonin.

Melatonin production is a three-step process. It starts when your body produces tryptophan, an amino acid you get from food – such as turkey. Tryptophan relaxes you. Which some say is why you get sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner.

Tryptophan then produces serotonin. Serotonin mainly regulates your moods and is known as the “feel-good chemical.”

In turn, serotonin produces melatonin. But this three-step process doesn’t happen properly without zinc.

One of zinc’s many duties is to help you digest properly. If you don’t have enough zinc, you can’t digest your food enough to produce tryptophan.

That’s one reason why some people who have sleep concerns often have occasional digestive problems like gas, bloating and heartburn.

Besides making tryptophan, zinc also helps over 100 enzymes function properly. And it’s found in almost every cell in your body, supporting major functions from your brain to your immune system.

Sleep Soundly Every Night, Without Any Trouble

With Native Rest, you can fall asleep easily and stay asleep all night long. Just take three quick sprays of the pleasant-tasting formula right before bed and you’ll soon be on your way to sleep.

There’s no need to plan ahead. No worry of side effects. And it’s not habit forming.

Native Rest is safe and it works fast. So why waste another night lying awake? Or waking up in the middle of the night to glare at the clock in frustration?

Why spend another day pushing yourself through your exhaustion, drinking coffee to get by?

Why continue trudging to work so tired, you risk making big mistakes? Remember, a lack of sleep slows your mind as if you were drunk. Imagine how much better you’d perform with an alert brain!

When you can sleep through the night, you wake up feeling alert. You wake up with energy that lasts throughout the day. And when you come home at night, you have the energy for the demands of family life.

Patients tell me they’re not irritable any more. They look forward to jumping out of bed in the morning. They think more clearly and make decisions faster.

Try Native Rest. There’s absolutely no risk. If for any reason you feel Native Rest doesn’t give you the restful sleep you expected, simply return the bottle within 30 days and we’ll give you a full refund – even if the bottle’s empty!

There’s nothing to lose – except another frustrating night lying awake, staring at the ceiling. Ordering’s easy. To start falling asleep fast and waking up truly rested, just click here.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

1 Weiss, A., Xu, F., Storfer-Isser, A. et al, “The association of sleep duration with adolescents’ fat and carbohydrate consumption,” Sleep 2010; 33 (9): 1201-1209

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