"Dr. Sears, Are You OK?"

When I realized my new sleep remedy worked so well, I got excited thinking about all of my patients who can finally sleep better. Patients like Al, a 59-year old executive who travels so much, his body’s confused from all of the time-zone changes.
Then there’s Pamela, a single mom and working woman. She’s so stressed about paying the bills and having enough time for her son, she often lies awake at night. As she puts it, “I can’t seem to shut off my brain!”
And Carol, a sweet woman in her early 70s who always comes to her appointments showing the latest pictures of her grandchildren. She seems relaxed and loves retired life, but she can’t sleep more than five hours a night.
Chances are you know what it’s like to wake up groggy in the morning, wishing you slept more. The simple truth is, missing a good night’s sleep is not good for your overall health and vitality.