This Keeps Me Going…

I was introduced to a remarkable healing herb during my latest trek through the Amazon Rainforest.
The natives of the Amazon River Basin have been using this potent herb to prevent fatigue and increase endurance for centuries.
I was lucky enough to have the chance to experience this herb first-hand during a 15-mile hike through the jungle. I was expecting to feel drained and sore… but that wasn’t the case at all. I felt incredibly focus and energized. In fact, I felt like I could keep going for another 15 miles… no problem!

People Love This Stuff!

When I was exploring the Amazon Rainforest, I stumbled upon something electrifying.
I found it among the native Guarani tribe. They told me it is a gift from the gods. They use it to make themselves more alert, run faster and give them more energy and endurance.
I tried it. It works better than any energy booster I’ve ever seen.

Better Than Coffee to Turbo-Charge Your Brain

While the food police may not approve of anything that contains caffeine, let’s face it – caffeine is a proven mental performance booster.
Anyone who drinks coffee in the morning knows how it can get rid of that brain fog you wake up with and help you get ready for the day.
I saw a study in Neurology that found drinking three cups of coffee a day reduces your risk of mental decline by more than 50 percent.1
But the problem with coffee drinking is that you just get a short burst of energy … and then you tend to crash. That’s because coffee causes a release of existing energy, rather than building new energy.

Human Horsepower

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads for those little energy shots you can get in all the drug stores and gas stations. They promise you that you won’t get that “afternoon feeling” and that you’ll get the energy of coffee without the crash …
…except it’s not true.
Those products stimulate you with synthetic caffeine. That makes them worse than, not better than coffee. You are going to get jitters and you’re going to hit rock bottom.
The reason that happens is that caffeine causes you to release an “energy transmitter” in your brain. The problem is that the caffeine causes depletion of this “energy transmitter.” Then, you feel worse than you did to start with.