One-Two Power Punch

I want to show you a remarkable compound that nature, in its wisdom, has provided a dual role for.
1) It’s what you use to tell your muscles to move.
When you have the thought that you would like to hit that golf ball, it starts as an electrical impulse. Then it’s translated into the muscle, and there’s a chemical messenger that makes that happen.
2) It’s also responsible for your alertness and memory.
So we find that when people have more of it, they’re smarter, more alert, and have better recall… but they also perform better.
Athletes who have more of it are faster, stronger and more competitive.

Human Horsepower

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads for those little energy shots you can get in all the drug stores and gas stations. They promise you that you won’t get that “afternoon feeling” and that you’ll get the energy of coffee without the crash …
…except it’s not true.
Those products stimulate you with synthetic caffeine. That makes them worse than, not better than coffee. You are going to get jitters and you’re going to hit rock bottom.
The reason that happens is that caffeine causes you to release an “energy transmitter” in your brain. The problem is that the caffeine causes depletion of this “energy transmitter.” Then, you feel worse than you did to start with.

This Helps Keep My Mind Clear All Day…

It’s a clean rush of energy without the crash. And there’s none of the jittery, nervous energy you get from coffee. What’s more, it does something no cup of coffee could ever do … it helps give you sparkling clarity of mind with an alertness that lets you think quickly. I’ll bet you’ll notice the lift right away. If you do crosswords, don’t be surprised if you finish them in a fraction of the time it used to take. Things like organization and recall just fall into place.

Could You Have Economic Fatigue?

More and more of my patients say they’re tired, can’t sleep and feel exhausted all of the time… they just can’t seem to pick their energy levels up again.
The worry over job losses, rising prices and a poor economy has everyone on edge. In fact, a recent American Psychological Association poll showed that 75% of Americans identified money as a significant source of stress in their lives… with the economy, housing costs and job stability following right on it’s heels…