Your Brain is Begging for It

Your brain has an appetite for a particular nutrient.
Without it, your mental abilities begin to fade as you age. You get forgetful and experience “brain fog.”
But with it, your brain is as clear and sharp as when you were young – no matter how old you are.
And get this – the source of this miraculous brain booster may be growing in your own backyard.
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Can a Flower Make You Smarter?

Doctors in Europe know about its miraculous IQ-boosting power and recommend it to millions. Yet in the U.S. it remains nothing more than a garden flower.
Vinpocetine Flower I’m talking about the periwinkle – otherwise known as Vinca minor. It’s more than a source of beautiful blue in your garden – it’s the source of a miraculous brain-booster called vinpocetine…

Three Nutrients Help Your Hearing

Patients who come to me with unwanted noise filling their head non-stop are among the most frustrated. You can’t sleep. You can’t read. It’s tough to concentrate on anything.
When I went to medical school, like all beginning doctors, I had to learn a new language. We doctors have different words for everything. So we don’t call it “ringing in your ears.” We call it tinnitus.