Three Nutrients Help Your Hearing

Patients who come to me with unwanted noise filling their head non-stop are among the most frustrated. You can’t sleep. You can’t read. It’s tough to concentrate on anything.
When I went to medical school, like all beginning doctors, I had to learn a new language. We doctors have different words for everything. So we don’t call it “ringing in your ears.” We call it tinnitus.

Space-Age Discovery Adds 10 Years to Your Life

You know stress hurts. You worry, you feel anxious… you lose sleep. That’s old news. But now, through the discovery of telomeres, we can actually measure the effects of stress. And the wear and tear is more distressing than we even imagined.
Researchers at the University of California discovered that stress speeds up aging.1 This makes your cells die before their time – and produces all the terrible effects we think of as aging.