It’s Not Organic… But So What?

Have you heard what’s been happening? Organic advocates, groups and media outlets are up in arms because breakfast cereal producers like Kashi and Mother’s were caught switching from organic ingredients to “natural” ones.1
There are endless articles about how this or that cereal has almost no organic ingredients. There’s even a giant report from the Cornucopia Institute called Cereal Crimes.2 It describes how manufacturers are now deceiving you by lowering their organic content without telling you, but still charging high organic prices.
They’re missing the point.

3 Foods You Should Never Eat

If you enjoy breakfast or lunch on-the-go, I understand. Our lives are so busy; we don’t always have time to cook.
But beware: Some “convenience foods” aren’t worth it. You’ll pay for it with added inches to your waistline. And those excess pounds lead to chronic diseases like obesity, cancer, and heart disease.
Here are three foods that will put you on the fast track to fat: