My Favorite Delicious Juice

“Let me look at some of these…” I reached out and put the soursop fruit right up to the lens of my video camera.
I said to my friend Westi, “I love soursop. I wish I could grow it in Florida. But the tree dies if the temperature gets below about 40 degrees.”
Westi and his wife Lelir were taking me on a tour of their garden deep in the mountains of Bali near the little town of Ubud.
I’ve written to you before about his endless turmeric plants and hundreds of aloe, basil, and other healing plants growing there.

Turn Your "Digestion Gene" Back On

Did you know that you could be eating all the right nutrients but not absorbing them?
In order to build muscle, strengthen your immune system, and get the energy you need throughout the day, the nutrients you eat have to get absorbed in your digestive tract. And that requires digestive enzymes.
There’s the rub. Because there’s something in our modern diet that may be stopping you from producing the digestive enzymes you need.
Let me explain…