They’re So Naughty

What is it about oysters that makes them so enticing? Eating them gives me a “forbidden fruit” feeling.
Eating oysters is almost a little naughty… they have a slippery texture, and their salty-sweet smell mimics female pheromones. And the way you shuck and eat them can increase libido, too.
Too bad the government wants to scare you away from them. The Food and Drug Administration has all kinds of warnings about eating raw oysters.
As a matter of fact, if you own an establishment and you serve raw oysters, you have to put a warning sign up that says it’s not safe to eat raw food and you probably shouldn’t do it.
Have you seen those signs?

If Teddy Roosevelt Had This…

About 25 years ago, I developed a phrase to help my fellow medical students remember the names for all the B vitamins. I still use this to teach nutrition today: “Teddy Roosevelt Never Painted Pyramids Blue in Fancy Clothes.” It contains the first letter of all the B vitamins in numerical order. (The missing numbers are compounds researchers thought were vitamins but turned out to be non-essential.)