How To Beat The Hidden Effects Of Modern Stress

Today I want to talk to you about something that can benefit every part of your body from your heart to your brain and even your sex hormones. Most doctors won’t tell you about it, but when it’s working right, you’ll:

  • feel more energized
  • have a positive frame of mind
  • better concentration
  • sleep soundly
  • eliminate mood swings
  • think more clearly
  • have fewer food cravings
  • maintain a healthy weight

The problem is, the modern world causes you to overuse it. Your ancestors had only brief periods of stress, lasting a few minutes at a time. Today, you are constantly being assaulted by stressors that can last for days, or years.

They’re Starting to Come Around

It looks like the principles of my P.A.C.E. program are finally starting to be accepted. At least one, anyway. That training for intensity gives you greater benefit than training for endurance.
In the last few days I’ve seen articles on several conventional health websites explaining how good for you intense workouts are. Even the LA Times has a piece on it. The author concludes what I’ve known for years: The benefits of intense workouts edge out endurance exercises.
I applaud them for starting to come around to the idea, but they’re still not quite getting the whole picture.

How High Is Yours?

My new Wellness Center will still provide the services of natural hormone therapy, anti-aging and natural approaches to healing as it always has.
But with 17,000 square feet of space, we’ll have the room to expand our research and technology and provide more cutting-edge services in prevention, wellness, anti-aging, nutrition and exercise physiology.
I am building an entire lab dedicated to researching exercise physiology that will enable us to further test my P.A.C.E program.
In fact, we’ll be taking P.A.C.E. testing to another level. We’ll put patients on my new POWER Fit program that includes a low-glycemic eating plan and new P.A.C.E. workouts to achieve even faster, more dramatic improvements to their health and fitness.
Then we’ll look at those results, and tweak our programs to benefit you even more. For example, we’ll be working on ways to accurately measure oxygen use and how the body makes energy with exertion.

Time To Take Control

“Give yourself time. Be patient, and then go for it on the third set.”
I was taking a minute during the filming for my new POWER Fit videos to help A.A.
She was doing something I see a lot with people just starting P.A.C.E. She did the warmup set fine. She knew she had to gear up the intensity for the second set, but A.A. kind of zoned out and went after it too hard. By the third set she would have had nothing left.
As a teacher of P.A.C.E., I tell my students to work on keeping their focus. I want you to know how intensely you’re doing it. I want you to pay attention because I want you to be in control.