5 Keys to Beating the Big Organic Hoax

I love shopping at the fruit and veggie stand near my house. It makes me feel good to know where my food is coming from.
I’ve gotten to know the farmer at my market personally. She’s shown me the organic seeds she plants, and has let me see the type of soil she uses. We even talk about her natural methods of keeping nutrients in the soil and deterring bugs.
And now I don’t need to go to a huge store any more to sort through all the produce stamped “organic.” I’m feeding my family better than organic…

Like Strawberries with Your Pesticides?

Do you wonder if buying organic is worth the extra money?
Well… it depends on what you’re buying.
The definition of “organic” has been degraded to the point where sometimes it doesn’t mean anything. Some “organic beef” can be just as bad as the estrogen-drenched, grain-fed junk you see going for 99 cents a pound.
With produce it can be just as tricky. Some are downright poisonous. Others aren’t as bad. I have a rule of thumb I give my patients…