Mutant Food Fight

Did you hear the one about the mutant potato that almost took over Europe?
The United Kingdom (UK) had this big idea to create a new kind of potato. It would be resistant to all insects. It would grow so well, it would feed all of Europe.
The plans were to genetically modify the DNA of the potato so it would release a lectin. A lectin is a natural insecticide found in foods like beans, seeds, and grains.
Turns out, the potato caused serious organ damage when it was fed to animals…

Like Strawberries with Your Pesticides?

Do you wonder if buying organic is worth the extra money?
Well… it depends on what you’re buying.
The definition of “organic” has been degraded to the point where sometimes it doesn’t mean anything. Some “organic beef” can be just as bad as the estrogen-drenched, grain-fed junk you see going for 99 cents a pound.
With produce it can be just as tricky. Some are downright poisonous. Others aren’t as bad. I have a rule of thumb I give my patients…