I Won't Eat This One

I read about something really monumental today. It’s a big event but not necessarily good for your health. The first-ever genetically modified animal – salmon – is on its way to being approved for human consumption.
This genetically engineered fish will contain DNA from two other fish species and high levels of growth hormone. What happens when you eat a genetically modified animal with very high levels of growth hormone? No one knows. I have no idea what this is going to do to people’s health, or how anyone could know, because it’s never been done before. Between you and me, I get the feeling that Frankenstein’s monster has escaped from the laboratory and is running amuck in nature…

Mutant Food Fight

Did you hear the one about the mutant potato that almost took over Europe?
The United Kingdom (UK) had this big idea to create a new kind of potato. It would be resistant to all insects. It would grow so well, it would feed all of Europe.
The plans were to genetically modify the DNA of the potato so it would release a lectin. A lectin is a natural insecticide found in foods like beans, seeds, and grains.
Turns out, the potato caused serious organ damage when it was fed to animals…

Are You a Guinea Pig in the World's Largest Ongoing Experiment?

We are all in a kind of experiment. You never agreed to take part in it. But it’s triggering infertility, tumors, kidney and liver disease and more.
The federal government not only allows it to happen, they’re appointing people to key positions to make the experiment official policy. Case in point: President Obama’s new “food safety czar” is a former vice president at Monsanto, one of the world’s most powerful Big-Agra giants.
The political lobbying, the presidential appointments and their secretive policies are helping to put untested mutations on your dinner table in the form of GMOs – genetically modified organisms.