The Roar Was Incredible

Rainbows constantly appeared and disappeared as the water swirled around and churned after the whole Nile River plunged over the falls. The water rushing through the gap at the head …

The PACE Party Drew A Full House

“How did you like your grand opening?”
“Fantastic!” My friend Avis was all smiles. “Dr. Sears, people are hugging me and thanking me…”
I knew we’d have a good turnout for the grand opening. But this blew me away. “It’s even better than I expected.”
As more people showed up, Avis would look at me and mouth, “O M G!”
We had 250 people in the new PACE Fitness by Avis studio, and the air conditioning almost couldn’t keep up.
Some of the people I met told me they drove over an hour – all the way up from Miami – to come to the opening.