What 60 Minutes Missed

When resveratrol made its debut on CBS’s 60 Minutes it was a watershed event. A major media outlet finally acknowledged a natural nutrient could slow the way you age and keep you younger longer.

But the show’s producers missed the bigger message.

This tears down the long held beliefs about your genetic code. It changed everything overnight.

Crank Up Your “Feel Good Factor”

knew I was on to something important. My patients were already telling me, “This stuff is amazing…” and now I have the scientific evidence I was looking for.

It’s going to change the way you think about “vitality” forever.

A new study has shown that you can take a simple action to double your level of energy.

Would You Wash Your Face with Crude Oil?

Look at the ingredients on all those skin products out there, from moisturizers to sunscreens to shampoos, you’ll find health-threatening chemicals–propylene glycol, parabens, PABA, PEG, and mineral oil everywhere.

These chemicals pose real dangers to your health, including cancer. And, sadly they are FDA approved and labeled as healthy.

Did you know that mineral oil is a “by-product in the distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline”? And, did you know that baby oil is just mineral oil with fragrance?…

The Next Time You Take That Receipt…

The next time the grocery store clerk hands you a receipt, remember this. That receipt contains millions of times more bisphenol-A (BPA) – the cancer-causing, estrogen-mimicking chemical – than a plastic water bottle.

BPA is dangerous, even in small amounts. Studies show that it may cause cancers, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and more.

Now, I’ve come across some research that shows your common, everyday store and credit card receipts are laden with BPA…

Get Younger Skin and Erase Wrinkles with Breakthrough Technology

The telomere is the most important discovery in human history. We now understand the mechanism of aging and how to influence it. Life on this planet will never be the same.

In fact, the discovery of telomeres just won the 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

I’ve been researching the power of telomeres for years now. I’m the first physician ever licensed to administer TA-65 – the only commercially available treatment that lengthens human telomeres. TA-65 is the most dramatic advance in the world of life extension.

Poison, Beauty Aid or Cure?

Not everyone wants to inject poison into their face. And that’s how a lot of folks feel about Botox.

I don’t blame you. But Botox is also misunderstood.

Botox is naturally occurring and when used properly can do more than take the wrinkles off an aging movie star.

It can end migraines, prostate problems, and muscle spasms. That’s what studies using Botox are showing. We are finding that Botox is not only good for cosmetic anti-aging; it may also ease some very irritating conditions…

Calcium Supplements Don’t Build Strong Bones

Don’t waste your money on calcium supplements.

If you’re taking them hoping to build strong bones and avoid osteoporosis you’ll be let down on both fronts.

Doctors and drug companies push the idea that the best way to treat and prevent osteoporosis is by taking lots of calcium. This simply isn’t true.

Osteoporosis isn’t caused by a lack of calcium…

Younger Skin in a Pill?

I’ve developed a new “sunscreen capsule” that protects your skin from the inside out.

Now you can protect your skin from the sun’s rays without covering yourself in a greasy layer of toxic sunscreen. And there’s much more to the story.

This high-powered ingredient prevents long-term damage to your skin. That means you won’t be left with dry, weathered skin as you age…

Pure Heaven for Your Backside

Do you get lower back pain from sitting in your office chair for hours on end?

Sitting for long periods can be a pain as you age. Long drives, bleacher seats at a football game or working at your computer can trigger back pain.

Ninety percent of Americans have some back pain at some time in their lives. It’s one of the first things I learned in my rehab studies during my residency in med school. In fact, back pain is the number two reason people visit the doctor, second only to upper-respiratory infections.

Your Prescripitions May Be Poisoning You

Did you know that the same drug you’ve been taking for years could be slowly poisoning you? As you age, your ability to tolerate medication changes.

Your body recognizes drugs as foreign substances and tries to remove them. For most of them, your liver first “detoxifies” the drug then your kidneys excrete this metabolite in the urine.

This process of removal is calculated into the dosing of your drugs. But the way doctors calculate your dose can lead to problems with long-term medications…

Look What’s Brewing in Your DNA

By lengthening your telomeres, you can extend your life. And that means for the first time, you can actually stop – even reverse – the aging process in your body.

Here’s the thing: Your telomeres are extremely vulnerable to oxidative stress…and that’s exactly what antioxidants protect you against. This helps keep your telomeres long. And that, in turn, will help you live a longer and healthier life.

‘My What’s Shrinking?!’

“Your lungs… I said your lungs are shrinking.” I’ve actually said this more than a couple of times to my patients. You see, I mean the size of my patients’ lungs. Why? Because they shrink with age. And that’s not good.

Cure a Killer Migraine with a Dishtowel?

Can you imagine curing a 2-day migraine with lemon rind and a dishtowel?

How about wiping out arthritis pain by eating gin-soaked raisins?

These “food cures” not only work, they’ve been demonstrated on national television. The health researchers behind these remarkable remedies are Joan and Lydia Wilen…

Space-Age Discovery Adds 10 Years to Your Life

You know stress hurts. You worry, you feel anxious… you lose sleep. That’s old news. But now, through the discovery of telomeres, we can actually measure the effects of stress. And the wear and tear is more distressing than we even imagined.

Researchers at the University of California discovered that stress speeds up aging.1 This makes your cells die before their time – and produces all the terrible effects we think of as aging.