Cleopatra's Beauty Secret…Only Better

Cleopatra… just her name makes me think “beautiful.”
It’s widely written that she took baths in milk and used natural mixtures of honey and aloe on her skin. What’s less well-known is that she also used clay for her complexion.
The kinds of clay found in Egypt are “bentonite” clays. They contain volcanic ash and other elements. But most of what they’re made of is a kind of clay now called montmorillonite. It’s named after the town in France where it was first identified…

As a Doctor, I Should Know Better

I never used to think about “beauty products.” Most guys don’t. But recently I was asked to consult for “natural” beauty products, so…
I started reading the labels.
I couldn’t believe what women were putting on their faces.
Turns out they’re slathering their faces with chemicals and things distilled from petroleum and crude oil.
Have you heard any of these warnings?