As a Doctor, I Should Know Better

I never used to think about “beauty products.” Most guys don’t. But recently I was asked to consult for “natural” beauty products, so…
I started reading the labels.
I couldn’t believe what women were putting on their faces.
Turns out they’re slathering their faces with chemicals and things distilled from petroleum and crude oil.
Have you heard any of these warnings?

Two Things You Need to Be Beautiful – CoQ10

Your skin needs two things to be beautiful:
1. Water, and…
2. Good nutrition
But there’s a problem. As you age, your skin loses the ability to hold water and take in nutrients. That leads to dry, sagging skin.
Here’s the good news:
You simply need an effective way to keep water in your cells and get more of the nutrients you need.
Here at my clinic, I use a rejuvenating formula that restores youthful skin, without the chemicals that pollute your skin.
Here’s how it works: