Salmon That's Nine Times Better

If you’re wondering what to throw on the grill this summer, try salmon. A new study caught my eye that says astaxanthin, the pigment that gives salmon its pink color, protects your DNA.
The same researchers also found that astaxanthin lowers your C-reactive protein (CRP).
CRP measures inflammation in your body. Inflammation happens when your blood vessels are damaged because they’re not getting the nutrients they need. It’s the real cause of heart attacks and strokes…

Lower This Inflammation Marker

An FDA advisory panel wants to get healthy people hooked on statin (cholesterol-lowering) drugs – with all their ugly side effects.
Yes, the FDA has reacted to a drug company-sponsored study showing that people with high C-reactive protein (CRP) levels had fewer heart attacks and strokes when taking statins.
But they brushed aside the 13 deaths and 18 “confused states” among the participants. And they ignored the increase in adult-onset diabetes as well.