Stay Satisfied

Do you remember how a burger used to taste when you were a kid?
My mouth is watering just thinking about it…
The meat was dense and juicy. Every bite was full of flavor. You could actually chew on it. And back then, you didn’t need to eat more than one burger to be full and satisfied.
Today, the beef you get from the grocery store is light and puffy. It’s not dense and flavorful at all. And it’s got almost no nutrients, which makes you hungry again in no time.

What's Lurking in Your Meat

If you eat hot dogs, sausages, or deli meat, your risk of heart attack jumps by 42 percent.1
But here’s what most people don’t know:
If you eat unprocessed meat, your risk doesn’t go up at all.
I just read a report about to be published in Circulation. Harvard scientists looked at 1,600 studies involving over 1.2 million people around the world. Listen to what they concluded:

How to Use CoQ10…

You know that I don’t often tell you to take supplements when you can find it in food. But there is one supplement I recommend to all of my patients and take myself every day.
It is Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).
CoQ10 puts cancer into remission and is such a powerful heart cure, it reverses heart disease. It acts like a generator for every organ in your body. It increases energy so they function at their best.
CoQ10 is key to the protection of your body’s cells. It’s just like the key you use to lock your front door, keeping you safe and secure. Without enough CoQ10, your cells become weak and open to attack.
Now, CoQ10 is proven to fight what I believe is the root cause of all disease: inflammation…

Why I 'Prescribe' Meat to My Patients

Have you see any of these headlines?
* “Too much red meat will kill you” (The National Business Review)
* “Want to live longer? Cut back on red meat” (CNN)
* “Meat-heavy diet linked to early death” (USA Today)
So why in the world would I “prescribe” eating red meat to my patients… when the mainstream media is screaming to the masses that it will kill you?