Turmeric: Bali’s Anti-Cancer Tonic

I’m always happy to find things in my travels to bring back to you. Today I want to tell you about a miracle of nature called turmeric. Turmeric has been used to treat a wide variety of conditions. You can read about it in-depth in my latest book, Healing Herbs of Paradise. The roots of this exotic leafy plant contain …


Get Cancer From Excess Estrogen in a Garden Hose?

Hormone-disrupting chemicals are among the most toxic substances in the world today. And they’ve permeated almost everything you eat, drink and even touch. Some chemicals, both natural and man-made, can interfere with our hormonal system. I’m talking about “estrogen mimickers” like Parabens and Bisphenol A (BPA) that are found in the coatings of food and drinks cans, water bottles, baby …


Controversial Oxygen Therapy ZAPS Cancer

Get more oxygen into your blood, and it instantly destroys infections, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Oxygen can even destroy cancer cells without harming healthy cells. In today’s world, getting oxygen to your cells is not as easy as it used to be. Even simple nutritional deficiencies like a lack of omega-3s can prevent oxygen from reaching your cells. When my …


A Nutty Approach To Beating Cancer

Are you getting enough omega 3 essential fatty acids? Probably not … but you should be. Most people don’t know that omega 3s are necessary for almost every part of your body to function properly – Including your heart, lungs, nerves, joints, eyes and brain. And as I’ve told my patients for years, omega 3s are also effective at keeping …


Truth About Cancer And Baking Soda

Baking soda uses Long before I was a physician, I remember mixing baking soda and vinegar in one of my first school science classes and watching it fizz. Back then, I had no idea how many uses this common household product had. Aside from fueling science-fair volcanoes, baking soda has long been used to relieve acid reflux and heartburn, as …

The Most Promising Cancer-Fighter In Years

For a while now, I’ve been recommending a powerful antioxidant with the unpronounceable name, pyrroloquinoline quinine – or PQQ for short. And although I recommend this compound to almost everyone who comes to see me at my wellness clinic in South Florida because of its energy-giving qualities, I’ve also observed its extraordinary power to fight cancer. For years, I’ve seen …

Only 2% Of My Cancer Patients Have Had This Checked

I saw a patient recently who has stage four breast cancer. She’d been to some of the best hospitals and specialists for care. Before she came to me she’d had a mastectomy and chemotherapy. Then the cancer spread to her backbone and she had radiation treatment. Yet still, after all that time and until she came to my clinic, no …

Built To Beat Cancer

The problem of cancer is not with our bodies. It’s that the world we were designed to live in over millions of years has changed recently. Our bodies haven’t adapted quickly enough. We can’t flush out the chemicals, toxins, and pollutants that are now present in our everyday lives as fast as we need to. And it’s this environment that’s …

Sunlight Beats Prostate Cancer

Let me say this right up front: Sunlight is one of the world’s natural prostate cancer cures. You might have noticed I’ve been talking a lot lately about how to prevent and cure cancer. I’d always been a little reluctant to talk about cancer. I wanted to make sure I didn’t do any harm by saying there are a lot …

Beat Cancer with P.A.C.E.

My P.A.C.E. program may save you from cancer. A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine followed Finnish men for 16 years. It tracked the type of activity the men did each week. And it found that the higher the intensity of the exercise program, the lower the risk of getting cancer. In fact, high intensity exercise cuts …

The Greatest Cancer Fighter

There’s sound evidence that the holy grail of cancer fighting is not a drug. The most powerful cancer fighter ever discovered is naturally occurring vitamin D. I’ve been writing about this for years. The proof is in black and white: A new study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention found that low vitamin D significantly increases overall cancer risk.1 …

Your Power To Defend Against Cancer

It’s one of the most overlooked nutrients in the entire world.

If you don’t have enough of it, you leave yourself open to muscle weakness, seizures, heart failure… and cancer.

In fact, it’s the primary source of energy for the immune cells that get suppressed by cancer.

And it might shock you to find out that government health advisors don’t even consider it “essential.”

I’m talking about CoQ10.

CoQ10 restores immune cells’ ability to fight back and attack cancer cells. In study after study, no matter what part of the immune system was tested, CoQ10 was found to be essential for the optimal function of your immune system.

The Original Cancer “Medicine”

Vitamin E is the Rodney Dangerfield of the vitamin world – it gets no respect.

You may have heard that vitamin E is not “safe.” Or not to take vitamin E because it might raise your risk of lung cancer, it thins your blood, or even increases your risk of death…

But studies show vitamin E protects you from at least 10 different kinds of cancer.

And we don’t need any new inventions or drugs to prevent cancer. All we have to do is recreate our native environment.

You see, cancer was almost unknown in the ancient world.