Women Have It in Their Genes

Today there’s something you can do that allows you to control how time affects your body.
New research has uncovered a gene that increases lifespan dramatically. And now for the first time, you have the power to harness this gene to change the genetic course of aging.

Decide Which Genes You Turn On…

I have some exciting news…
You have the power to decide which of your genes are “turned on.”
This means there’s no need for worry about your family history or whether good health “runs in your family.” For the first time, you decide which genetic codes are played out.
So, instead of sitting around hoping you inherited “good genes,” you can play an active role in your own future by turning on the genes that promote longevity – and turning off the genes that tell your cells to die.
You are about to take part in the exciting new field called “nutritional engineering…”

What 60 Minutes Missed

When resveratrol made its debut on CBS’s 60 Minutes it was a watershed event. A major media outlet finally acknowledged a natural nutrient could slow the way you age and keep you younger longer.
But the show’s producers missed the bigger message.
This tears down the long held beliefs about your genetic code. It changed everything overnight.

Astonishing Study Puts You in Control of Your Genes

We used to believe that there was nothing you could do about your genes. You were stuck with what you were born with. In fact, you can turn your genes on and off or not use them at all.
A new study proves you can alter your genes with what you eat. It showed that more than 1,000 genes were changed in just six months simply by getting more of a key nutrient…