The Anti-Aging Secret of Alcohol

  When I told my grandfather I was going to medical school, he quoted an old German proverb: “There are more old wine drinkers than old doctors.” Grandpa liked to say provocative things… It turns out there is a great deal of wisdom in that saying. Moderate alcohol consumption maintains telomeres, recent scientific studies have discovered. And telomeres, those tiny …

The Truth Is Not In Their Drug

You may have heard about some of testosterone’s benefits in ads and commercials… that it can give you back speed, strength and vitality. And it can restore lost drive and libido. But you probably didn’t hear this until recently. Why? Because they created a testosterone drug. When I started helping men boost their testosterone naturally over 20 years ago, there …

Lost Nile secret reignites desire

What good is performance without desire? I get asked about this at my Center for Health and Wellness by both men and women. Western drugs can help with the mechanics of an erection. But loss of desire is not something Western science is equipped to deal with. During my trips to Africa I found herbs and plants the locals use …

Just say no to prostate surgery

Think for a moment if I were to do a bone density test on you. Then I read you your results and say, “There’s a problem with your bones. We’re going to have to take them out.” Sounds crazy, right? Yet this is similar to what you might experience if you go to your doctor about a swollen prostate. The …

State of the Art Prostate Protection

Today I’m going to tell you how to get over prostate problems. If you’re a man, you’ve either encountered them already or you’re going to. You may have already found yourself standing over the urinal waiting for something to happen and nothing does. But I’m going to show you the best, state-of-the-art, natural way to improve your peeing power. It’s …

“Forbidden cures” now yours for the taking

20 Years From Now These Little-Known Cures and Age-Reversing Technologies Will Be Standard Practice… But YOU Can Be One of the Few to Use Them RIGHT NOW! There were only 46 invitations to the private conference room overlooking the Atlantic Ocean at the Ritz-Carlton in Palm Beach. Once word got out, my office turned away dozens of people willing to …

Hope to See You in Person

Wow, I have a busy couple of months coming up. First, I plan to see as many of my patients as I can before I go to my lectures in December, plus all of my staff meetings and appointments… and there are new patients coming in all the time. We’re also launching several products, one of which is my new …

The Supreme Court Decides

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the law that many of you know as “Obamacare” yesterday. I wrote to you about this issue last month. Many accused me of inappropriately becoming involved in politics. I think many of those criticisms were really not directed at me, but are a product of politics getting in the way of my practicing medicine. Truth …

Meat-Eaters Don’t Get Fat

Here I am with my Masai warrior guide in Eastern Africa. He wears red to show bravery and carries his hand-carved Rungu, Swahili for “walking stick,” wherever he goes. I always wanted to meet the Masai tribe in Kenya. During my first trip to Africa – when I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro – I wasn’t able to spend as much time …

The Purest Place on Earth?

I always thought of the North Pole as the most pristine place on Earth. But not anymore. It’s totally uninhabited by humans. Yet researchers are now finding toxins from the modern world there.1 These deadly chemicals are showing up in some other places you’d never expect them, contaminating wildlife. For instance: Male polar bears in the North Pole are now …

Food of the Vine

You’ve probably heard that a glass of red wine has many health benefits. But red wine isn’t the only way grapes can supercharge your health. The seeds of grapes are even more powerful. They contain disease fighters so potent I call them super-antioxidants. More effective and more diverse than standard antioxidants, they’ve been scientifically proven to: Dramatically reduce the risk …

What’s Better Than an Orgasm?

You might say the “Big O” is at the center of everything… And of course, that sudden release or wave of pleasure is what most of us crave most about sex. But is there something better? Something that’s even MORE satisfying? Truth is, nature provided us with a way of extending and prolonging the pleasure you get from sex, long …

Bedroom Bull

This weekend I’ll be traveling to Jamaica to visit my friend and traditional healer Ivelyn Harris.

She wants to show me some new formulas she’s working on. One of them is for eczema, and the other is for male potency.

In Jamaica, people use potency drinks a lot. All over Jamaica there are these little closet-sized stores. On busy city streets and way out in the country there are these little booths. They usually sell beer – Red Stripe, mostly – some trinkets, a little bit of fruit, and these potency drinks.

They Made Off With My Mineral!

There’s a nutrient your government seems hell-bent on depriving you of. They have practices that are keeping you from getting enough.

They set up policies that force the small farmer out of business. Farmers can only make a profit under these rules by growing just one thing… only soy, or only corn, or only wheat.

Farmers then have to use all their land to grow these huge crops, and that means they can’t have animals there living in the same place to re-fertilize it with its native nutrients and minerals.

What Men Really Need To Boost Testosterone

I’m not going to feel apologetic for being a man in our modern politically correct culture. Just because I’m a man doesn’t mean I’ve caused all the world wars, and testosterone is not the cause of every evil.

You’re even made to feel responsible for the criminal that rapes someone because they tell you he did it because of testosterone – that it’s a man issue, not a criminal issue.

But don’t let those PC bureaucrats talk you out of being a man.

For Male Audiences Only

Today I want to talk to you man to man about one of the biggest breakthroughs for men.

This monumental discovery is so huge you’ll notice a change in your confidence and your ability right away.

But you need to know that the following video is intended for male audiences only.