The Supreme Court Decides

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Meat-Eaters Don't Get Fat

Here I am with my Masai warrior guide in Eastern Africa. He wears red to show bravery and carries his hand-carved Rungu, Swahili for “walking stick,” wherever he goes. I …

The Purest Place on Earth?

I always thought of the North Pole as the most pristine place on Earth. But not anymore. It’s totally uninhabited by humans. Yet researchers are now finding toxins from the …

Bedroom Bull

This weekend I’ll be traveling to Jamaica to visit my friend and traditional healer Ivelyn Harris.
She wants to show me some new formulas she’s working on. One of them is for eczema, and the other is for male potency.
In Jamaica, people use potency drinks a lot. All over Jamaica there are these little closet-sized stores. On busy city streets and way out in the country there are these little booths. They usually sell beer – Red Stripe, mostly – some trinkets, a little bit of fruit, and these potency drinks.