Heads Turn When I Walk By

Imagine strolling down the beach, confident enough to wear that skimpy bikini.
You notice heads turning as you go by.
You smile to yourself.
“Hmm… looks like it’s gonna be a good summer.”
Here’s the good news: You don’t have to starve yourself or go to the gym five times a week to get a beach-ready body.
You can drop inches your waist by adding one, simple thing to your diet and exercise plan.

The Fat You Can't Pinch

There is a kind of fat that you don’t see. It’s toxic and it’s deadly.
Visceral fat is internal fat. It wraps around organs like your heart, liver, and kidneys. It fills up all the space in your abdominal cavity, so there’s no room left for your organs, nerves, and vessels to function properly.
It’s far more dangerous to your health than subcutaneous fat, which lies right beneath your skin. Subcutaneous fat is what you poke at and pinch. Like the “spare tire” you get around your middle…

What I Found in My Travels…

I just got back from climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. Traveling around the world always reminds me of the important healing traditions found in other cultures.
For example, I’ve come across natural nutrients that speed up fat-burning and decrease your appetite… even when you don’t change your routine.
These are important discoveries. Because no matter how much I talk to patients about diet and exercise, they still want a “magic pill.”…

How Africans Stay Slim

I’ve discovered something new for you.
It’s what Africans use to stay thin.
I found out about it while reviewing population studies from West Africa.
I decided to try it and had some shipped to my clinic. One of the first people to use it was Penny McLean in our Customer Service Department.
“I had put on a few excess pounds that I could not take off,” says Penny. “I was just too busy and preoccupied with work and personal obligations to watch carefully over what I ate.”…

Newly Discovered Rare African Herb

My team and I have discovered a truly new weight-loss system.
One of the first people at our clinic to use my new system was Penny McLean in our Customer Service Department.
“I had put on a few extra pounds that I could not take off,” says Penny. “I was just too busy and preoccupied with work and personal obligations to watch carefully over what I ate.”
But during this time, she also took one capsule of my breakthrough weight-loss formula 20 minutes before each meal with a big glass of water.
The result?…

My New Year Formula for Better Blood Sugar

You can beat fat and knock out diabetes this New Year.
In my practice I use a handful of minerals and herbs that naturally improve your body’s response to insulin. They’re safe and keep your blood sugar in check.
My friend and colleague Dr. Michael Cutler sent me an email with a very good round-up of the best herbs and minerals.
These insights mirror my own research, and I wanted to share them with you…

Ignite Your Fat Blowtorch in 2010

The women in my office tell me their New Year’s resolutions are easy this year… In fact, they’re already making good on their promise to burn fat and drop the extra pounds.
Of course, they have an advantage.
The women in my office have a reliable supply of Primal Lean.
If you don’t know about it yet, Primal Lean is my new fat burner. It’s a combination of two breakthrough ingredients, irvingia and fucoxanthin. Together, they safely suppress your appetite and rebalance your body’s “fat signals.” That means your body makes less fat. And the fat your body does have gets burned for energy, instead of being stored…

Feel Hungry All the Time?

In the old days, your “appetite control system” was in better shape.
Today we have all sorts of additives and genetically modified “anti-nutrients” that interfere with our body’s hunger signals.
By your “appetite control system,” I mean a complex set of chemical interactions between your brain, nervous system, metabolic hormones, special cells and your immune system. These days, too many additives in your food get in the way of these delicate signals.

Dr. Sears' Personal Fat Loss Regimen

I’m in the same boat as everyone else. Occasionally, I discover that I’ve put on a few extra pounds. So I have to refocus.
When I was getting ready to climb Humphries Peak, I didn’t want to carry any extra weight up the mountain with me. Even a few pounds can make a difference in a climb like that.
So I decided to get lean. I made some simple changes and dropped 15 lbs. quickly.
You can do it too. Here’s what I did.

Penny is Losing It…

Penny is always cheerful and ready to help.
But right now she just can’t keep up.
Penny has to answer your questions by phone and e-mail. Yesterday morning, Penny turned on her computer and watched 600 e-mails pour into her inbox. Before she could take her first sip of coffee all three customer service lines started ringing off the hook.
Everyone wants the same thing: My new “fat burning pill.”

Exercising But Not Losing Weight?

A cover story in TIME magazine tells you exercise won’t help you lose weight.
In the article, a professor from Louisiana State University says, “… for weight loss, exercise is pretty useless.”1
If you’re a regular reader you may already recognize the ignorance of this professor’s statement.
What is he missing?

Fat Burner and Heart Protection in One

This is the first chance I’ve had to tell you about the other dimension of Irvingia gabonensis, one of the key ingredients in Primal Lean: a stronger heart and better blood sugar.
This potent herb isn’t simply an incredible weight-loss supplement. It’s more than just a tonic you take for increased energy. It has very specific talents. It ramps up your body’s ability to burn fat and has a calming, normalizing effect on your cholesterol and blood sugar…