How To Beat The Hidden Effects Of Modern Stress

Today I want to talk to you about something that can benefit every part of your body from your heart to your brain and even your sex hormones. Most doctors won’t tell you about it, but when it’s working right, you’ll:

  • feel more energized
  • have a positive frame of mind
  • better concentration
  • sleep soundly
  • eliminate mood swings
  • think more clearly
  • have fewer food cravings
  • maintain a healthy weight

The problem is, the modern world causes you to overuse it. Your ancestors had only brief periods of stress, lasting a few minutes at a time. Today, you are constantly being assaulted by stressors that can last for days, or years.

The Surest Way To Live Better, Longer

Perhaps the oldest anti-aging technique on record is eating less. Wise men have known this for centuries. The thing that has changed is that now modern science has tested this approach, measured its effect and even found out how it works.
When you eat less, you get a number of benefits:

  • Body temperature drops
  • Blood pressure lowers
  • Cholesterol levels drop
  • Cells divide at a slower rate
  • The rate of glycation drops
  • Free radical activity drops
  • Inflammation lessens

Essentially what is happening is a form of hibernation. You are “living less,” thus adding years to your lifespan. The less food you eat, the less your metabolic system has to work.

I’m No Different Than Howard Stern

“You should see it, Robin. You should see the belly on me. I’m running, I’m lifting weights… for like two hours a day.”
“I’m thinking of giving up. I hate it.”
I was listening to the Howard Stern Show in my car for a few minutes on the way to the clinic and Howard was telling his co-host Robin Quivers about how upset he was with himself.
Then he said something like, “I don’t get it. I eat right. I have a low-fat baked potato every day. And I still have this 10 pounds I can’t get rid of.”
I’ve read scores of books on nutrition, I’ve attended multiple conferences and I’m a certified clinical nutritionist. I’ve been thinking and living this and doing everything I can to eat healthier since I was a small child… and I’ve made the same mistake.

Smile More, Just Like JD

We were taking a break during filming for my new POWERFit program and JD started to tell me his story…
“I was on the Canadian National Water Ski team for five years. After that, I kept eating but not working out.
“I gained more than 30 pounds. I went from 155 pounds to 187. I would maybe try some workout for two weeks, then stop, then start again. Traditional stuff, weightlifting, cardio… nothing was working.
“I even tried CrossFit. It’s one of those insane workout programs. I couldn’t get through any of the exercises.

The Calorie Burn Myth

One of the worst myths I hear is that if you want to drop weight, you have to first cut calories. If the first thing you do is restrict calories, your body will fight you every step of the way, and you’ll never see results.
Your body is an intelligent system. I think of changing my body as a coaching job. I don’t try to force it. I try to get it to cooperate.
This means that instead of depriving yourself, the first thing is your body needs to be in a safe and plentiful environment. Then, the natural metabolism we evolved with for thousands of years will begin rebuilding the naturally lean body you were designed to enjoy.
I’ve spent over 25 years researching this topic, studying the science and history behind metabolism and weight gain. I’ve been able to apply what I’ve learned at my clinic on both myself and thousands of my patients.
I feel fortunate that my books and videos have helped thousands of people in the real world. Yet I’ve been able to have a kind of success working individually with clients that I haven’t always been able to get through books and DVDs.

The Skinny On Fat

Guess what they feed a pig if they want to make it as fat as possible as fast as possible?
Low-fat milk.
Because if they give the pig milk with fat in it, the pig gets satiated. It’s satisfied and won’t eat any more. But if they give it low-fat milk, it will eat the grain they feed it forever because it’ll have a deficiency of fat.
Now think of what we’re eating for breakfast in this country…

“I Get Noticed Everywhere I Go”

Take a look at this …
“I’m 50 years old and started taking Primal Lean about six months ago. I’ve lost a total of 75 pounds and I’m now a size 2. A SIZE 2! I have never been a size 2 ever, probably not even as a child. Thrilled is an understatement. It has brought my marriage back to life. I am noticed everywhere I go. I have so much energy and am so sincerely happy I cannot begin to tell you. The ability to try on anything and be happy with the way it fits and looks is amazing.
“Dr. Sears, you have given me something I could never accomplish on my own. The smallest I could ever get was a size 8, which seems huge compared to the size I am wearing now. THANK YOU!”
Let me explain…

Nature Is Better

When I was in medical school, they never told me about the hormone leptin. They didn’t even know it existed.
Then the medical community widely accepted the view that leptin was a new potential avenue to control obesity because it would stop your hunger. Some even went as far as suggesting that we should give everyone who was overweight a leptin injection.
Now we find out it’s not what we thought it was. Leptin should control hunger. But when you gain too much weight you become leptin resistant. Your brain will then ignore leptin’s signals. Giving people more leptin will only make it worse.

Feeling It In Your Gut

Think about the ways we use the word gut…
We use our “gut” to describe a lot of the things we feel. You need to have guts to try something new… you can bust a gut laughing… your gut tells you when something is right.
We are learning that there may be more reason to use the word in these ways than we knew.
For example, a brand new study finds that your “gut” may control your organs.
What happens in your gut appears to activate your liver, and benefit your kidneys, colon, digestive tract, blood plasma, metabolism and reproductive system.

Women Have It in Their Genes

Today there’s something you can do that allows you to control how time affects your body.
New research has uncovered a gene that increases lifespan dramatically. And now for the first time, you have the power to harness this gene to change the genetic course of aging.

Can Pigs Lie?

You should see the e-mails I’m getting about “Pigs Don’t Lie.” I never knew pigs were so popular…
Have you heard about this? Researchers took a group of pigs, fed them one simple nutrient, and the pigs dropped their fat and got lean from that one change only.
It’s a nutrient you probably don’t get enough of, but everyone needs. In fact, your body uses it to:

Reset Your Hormone Switch to "Normal"

Have you ever shivered on a cold day? Felt a little light-headed when you stood up too fast? I’m sure you’ve broken a sweat while doing your PACE exercises, right?
In all these situations, what you’re feeling is your body trying to return itself to a “normal” state. In medical terms, we call it homeostasis – a fancy way of saying that your body is reacting to its environment and trying to get back within its natural chemical, hormonal and temperature ranges.
For example, when your energy levels are low, the conventional wisdom would tell you that your hunger hormones (like leptin and insulin) signal your body to “eat more, expend less.” And when you’ve eaten enough, your hormones should tell you that you’ve had enough.